DVD’s backups with Linux

¿Have you ever wonder how to make a full backup of a dvd you own?

People lend dvd’s and when you lend something many times, it will end damaged and that nice move you had will not be useful for anything else than to put glass on it to avoid leave marks on the table.

Therefore here is a simple instructions on how to make full backups from your dvd’s using software freely available on internet.

You have two options, but I’ll recommend to download both as sometimes some dvd’s protection confuse the software. However I’ve never seen both applications confused, if one can’t, the other can.
These applications can be easily installed in any ubuntu installation from Add/Remove Packages menu.
Applications names: Dvd95, K9copy.

As most dvd’s come in dual layer dvd’s and you don’t want to spend so much money on blank dual layers dvd’s, these applications besides creating your backup, can compress it to make it fit into a blank single layer dvd.

The whole idea in both applications goes like this:
- Insert the original DVD you want to backup.
- Application will show you all the chapters/languages/subtitles in the dvd.
- If you leave here everything checked, it means the software will have to compress the movie to make it fit into the dvd with all languages & subtitles. However, as most of the time you will never use the Korean
language of the movie, remove it. As much as you remove (unclick) from your dvd, the less compression the software will need to do in the movie. Less compression = better quality.

Then just click go and you are done.
Of course there are more things to talk about these software but you have the basics now, as matter of fact, I dont burn the dvd’s with this applications, I usually set both to create an ISO file for me, then I save
the ISO in the hard drive to burn it whenever I’ve time and blanks dvd’s.

Good luck!

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