P2P for what? Google is enough

Even when p2p network continue to exist and get bigger and bigger, I’ve not used one for more than a year, now I use google for download music.

A phrase between quotes in google means “Find exactly this phrase”. Therefore if you try something like
“Pink Floyd” “Dark side of the moon” you will find loads of pages strictly related to that cd, of course most of it will be pages to buy the cd or with lyrics of it.

Where’s the key? The new online storage providers. Used more than ever by loads of people around the globe to upload full albums and share it through their blogs.

So try again that search and add the name of any of the most populars free online storage services, that’s Rapidshare, Megaupload, Easyshare, Zshare, etc.

You see? :)

By the way, I will strongly recommend to leave open the blog where you find the links while you downloading and until you decompress the file. Most people use rar files protected with password to avoid the admins from the service to be able to check the contents of the files. Therefore you will need most
of the times a password to decompress the file, usually easily find on the blog where you find the link to the file.

Good luck and if you like anything you download, please go to your store and buy the CD to support the artist. Keep in mind most artists would not be able to buy their tenth car or their fifth house without your help. Don’t be greedy :)


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