A little from Luca Prodan

Hello Frank, how are you doing? are you all right?

Sunday morning blues, you know. Just ain’t the bet when you just want to lie down and have a good rest.
Coz the nerves kind of get to you. When you feel kinda small… and all those things moving up and down against the wall.

Then you tie on that bandana and you feel kind of tough, even now you know that life is really of rough. And your mama comes and hits you with a plastic telephone and she’s gone and told you you’re not even home and…

she has called you on that telephone, on she has called you on that telephone
Your mum said you weren’t home, she called you on the telephone
Your mum told you weren’t home, oh mama what did you do? Oh mama what did you do?

She thinks I’m with her.. I’m gonna get blue, I’m gonna cut my throat, I’m gonna smash my head, I’m gonna jump into the bath, I’m gonna lie in bed.

Well anyway.. that never happened.. because… one day… Religion came to stay!
oh yeah, religion come to stay
oh yeah bad vibes, they’ve gone all away.
oh yeah, religion came to stay

All right what you tell rastafar. I tell you god there in the heaven and he looks after you, and that’s what they say. Well I’m telling you from the southern united states of america that god and christ are in your body and they’re living with you.
Dominus, vosbicum etu spiritu tuum

All right, let’s pray! Let us pray! oh oh oh
Let us pray! A ja ja ja Let us pray!
Pray, pray, pray, pray baby pray for us
Jesus Christ, won’t you pray for us?
Oh, won’t you pray for us?

I think we’re there.. Oh, no? maybe not, doesn’t matter, keep going.
Well you know these songs get kinda long, especially when they call me on the telephone.
Well I’ve been thinking about things, but I’ve forgotten of what I thought, so I think I’ll just go on and sing this.

Oh baby stand by me, oh no, no… no woman no cry, oh no… La rubia tarada!…

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