Introducing John Walter from the Office of National Drug Control Policy

At first I though it was a joke until I realized he was serious about it.
Today Reuters Published declarations from John Walters who is the director of the U.S. War on Drugs, that is the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

He warned parents about the dangers of kids as young as 13 watching videos online about people getting high on dope. According to him this encourage kids to do that. As usual with the war on drugs, the first objective is Fear, so below are top two phrases from him found on that article:

“Parents would be horrified to think that people are sneaking into their house to encourage their kids to build a bong or to chug on beer at age 13,”

“The fact is those people are sneaking into your house through your Internet connection on your computer,”

Let’s suppose he is right, let’s suppose that because kids at 13 watch something they would try to do it no matter if they know it’s dangerous to themselves. Then, why Internet? In internet they search for videos they WANT to see, they don’t see something they never wanted to see or thought about it, right?. But, now comes the fun… follow me…

What about T.V. ? Everyone knows that nowadays parents are completely irresponsible regarding TV access for kids, and that kids at 13 check the cable program to choose which movie they are going to see. That’s a fact. Then we have the whole Hollywood industry, the whole TV industry, which is constantly producing movies or series where values like “torture for good”, “killing for good”, “lying for good” are in the message of most movies.

This makes the following point:

If John Walter is right, the reason behind why our current society is broke, the crime rise, and values are lost… is the Hollwood/TV Industry. Because when you are a kid is where most of your personality is created and your values are set. If at that age — as he says — kids try to to do what they see on TV/Movies/Youtube, then we now know why we are so fucked up as society.

If John Walter is not right, then this was no more than another try, just to keep a war on drugs that is miserable failure, getting some good press.

Now what I really believe: I do believe that the war on drugs is indeed a miserable failure. I believe it’s purpose is misguide people just to keep a black market, one of the worlds most big markets. But at the same time, I believe the point that kids try to repeat what they see on TV it’s true. I believe one of the reason that we sucks so much as society it’s the stupid values that are promoted and repeated all day long by most TV channels worldwide. That’s what I believe regarding this subject, now regarding John Walter, I believe he is trying to keep his job, every one knows the old dilemma: “It’s difficult for someone to say you something is white, if his job depends on that thing being black.”

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