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Using Gengo & karailievs-sitemap plugins for Wordpress.

Friday, September 26th, 2008

This is the deal: Gengo changes the way url’s are handle and it adds a /lang_code/ to the end of every page/article.

In the other hand, karailievs-sitemap build the sitemap file with standard url’s.

Result: google complains that most of the urls on the sitemap are redirects.

I found an easy fix in the ksm.php of karailievs-sitemap plugin.

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P2P for what? Google is enough

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Even when p2p network continue to exist and get bigger and bigger, I’ve not used one for more than a year, now I use google for download music.

A phrase between quotes in google means “Find exactly this phrase”. Therefore if you try something like
“Pink Floyd” “Dark side of the moon” you will find loads of pages strictly related to that cd, of course most of it will be pages to buy the cd or with lyrics of it.

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